Aging and the Changing Landscape of Memory.

An interesting interview has been published recently by Bruce Liberman with three leaders in research on memory and aging. Very interesting perspectives, see details below or read it here! Continue reading

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NEURO.tv Episode 7 – The Brain Mechanisms Involved in Drug Addiction.

In this episode of NEURO.tv, we discuss with Dr. Anteonello Bonci, scientific director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about the effects that drug abuse has on the brain. Continue reading

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LEGO Freedom

(Minor spoiler alert for those of you who haven’t seen The LEGO Movie)

It is always interesting when an academic debate in philosophy coincides with the release of a blockbuster movie on the same issue. In the last couple of months, a series of texts and comments on free will and moral responsibility were published by some prominent psychologists and philosophers, including Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Paul Bloom, Jerry Coyne, as well as Tamler Sommers and David Pizarro. Meanwhile The LEGO Movie, a clever allegorical metaphor on freedom and creativity, generated 69 million dollars within its first opening weekend in cinemas. Continue reading

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