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Welcome to the BrainFacts.org blog. We’re all about the brain. Join us to read, share, and learn about what’s new and notable in neuroscience. As the editor-in-chief of BrainFacts.org, I’m pleased to introduce you to the site.

While BrainFacts.org content is reviewed by scientists for accuracy, the blog contains the unfiltered words of ten talented authors. You may recognize them from other outlets, as they are all active in the neuroscience community:

We are delighted to bring you a gifted group of bloggers who are representative of the diverse and multifaceted field of neuroscience. We can count on them for some fascinating insights and rich discussions.

Why have a blog?

  • Bloggers can offer their thoughts on a subject, with immediate feedback and input from you.
  • Bloggers can interact with and engage in discussion with you as never before.
  • You can offer opinion on the latest findings, ones that may not always withstand the test of time and science, but that peak our interest and may affect our lives.

Science blogs are a popular and reputable platform to discuss science, crowdsource ideas, and share experiences. The high quality of writing and content on science blogs today has gained the respect and attention from mainstream media and the scientific community.

This blog is a companion to the information found on BrainFacts.org. It aims to supplement your basic understanding of the brain and mind through highlighting the critical implications of neuroscience research for individuals, families, and societies.

We hope that during each visit to the BrainFacts.org blog, you are inspired by the intriguing intricacies, challenging unknowns, and groundbreaking discoveries of the brain and mind. I hope that you will register and comment on the blog, and look forward to seeing where these conversations take us.

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Nicholas Spitzer

About Nicholas Spitzer

For more than 40 years, Nick Spitzer has worked to educate others about neuroscience. As the inaugural BrainFacts.org editor-in-chief, he is enthusiastic about this new opportunity to reach people.

A distinguished professor of biology at the University of California, San Diego, and co-director of the UCSD Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind, his research focuses on the ways in which neurons take on specialized functions to enable signaling in the brain. He is also an outdoorsman who enjoys ice climbing, rock climbing, and backcountry skiing in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

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