Brainy stuff of the month.

I thought I would share some of the interesting stuff I read this month on the web.

– Aalok Mehta has regrouped a list of diseases that are caused by proteins. Proteins are essential to all of our cells, but sometimes their defects cause diseases!

– SciCurious writes about financial difficulties when you are a young scientist.

– Felicity Muth writes about cultural transmission in vervet monkeys.

– Erich Jarvis, who makes research on the brain mechanisms of singing in birds, gave a great interview to

– NeuroDojo writes about fossils, anatomy, behavior and diet of extinct species.

– Erin C. McKiernan writes on how neurons responsible for controlling our muscle get excited – an in-depth and interesting description.

– The image of the week illustrates how neurons in the retina of a salamander interact.

– Greg Hickok shares interesting ideas on the definition of language.

– Jason G. Goldman writes about dance in sea lions.

– Some nice illustrations of experiments tackling the relation between the brain and obesity by Sarah Bates.

Credits for thumbnail image: by Jens Langner released in the public domain.

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