Interesting stuff on the web this month, June 2013.

Here is some stuff I found interesting this month on the web.

– The Brain Scoop on YouTube has an amazing video on the first mammals and their current diversity.

Mary Bates writes about how our brain focuses on streams of sound in a cocktail party where there is plenty of noise.

Art Markman writes about goals, attention and culture.

Concussions are a major health issue due to accidents in sports and everyday life. Great article on the damage that can be done to our brain by impacts.

Scott Barry Kaufman presents his new book on intelligence in children and how to redefine it to accommodate skills such as creativity and greatness that is not necessarily linked to getting good grades in class.

Hui-Lin Pan answers to the question: How do nerve cells signal pain?

Finally, with some of the bloggers right here at, we have published a video show on the brain on YouTube.

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