Episode 1

This week we are trying something new. Can we make a video conference about brain research and will people be interested in it? Tell us what you think and how we could improve it! You can view our first discussion on YouTube, it was very interesting.

For this first episode, we have myself, Leanne Boucher and Steven Miller.

1:48 What is interesting about neuroscience & The waterfall illusion.
6:59 Nerve agents and their effect on the brain.
8:47 Game theory and social neuroscience.
11:52 Neuron transplantation in mice reduce seizures.
27:28 How our brain handles our first impressions of others.
42:28 Are YouTube viewers interested in this show? How would you improve it ? Give us your opinions!

Yeah, I know, I have a french accent, it will improve with time. But what do you think of the idea and did you learn anything?

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