Memory and Aging, a live webcast with Eric Kandel, Elias Pavlopoulos and Scott Small

There will be an interesting webcast on memory and aging on Nov. 6, at 12:30-1 pm PST time. Don’t miss it!

Memory and Aging
Ask Your Questions to Eric Kandel, Elias Pavlopoulos and Scott Small

Recently, researchers with the Kavli Institute for Brain Science (KIBS) at Columbia University found compelling evidence that age-related memory loss is a syndrome in its own right, apart from Alzheimer’s. In fact, in the case of one type of age-related memory loss – again, distinct from Alzheimer’s – researchers were able to restore memory function in mice so that it was comparable to that of young mice. These are exciting findings that, along with implications for the study, diagnosis, and treatment of memory disorders, may in the future have significant public health consequences.

In a special webcast on Nov. 6, 12:30-1 pm PST, Nobel Laureate and KIBS Director Dr. Eric R. Kandel, and Drs. Elias Pavlopoulos and Scott A. Small discuss their new study, the science of age-related memory loss, and the prospects for helping people recover their ability to remember.

ERIC R. KANDEL – Nobel Laureate, University Professor, Kavli Professor and Director, Kavli Institute for Brain Science at Columbia University; and Senior Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Dr. Kandel is one of the world’s foremost authorities on how the brain forms and stores memories.

ELIAS PAVLOPOULOS – Researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Eric Kandel at Columbia University. Dr. Pavlopoulos uses genetically engineered mice to explore how the brain stores memories. He was the lead author of the study the webcast will highlight.

SCOTT A. SMALL – Professor of Neurology at Columbia University, Director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at Columbia, and member of the Kavli Institute for Brain Science. Dr. Small primarily studies how the hippocampus works when memories form, and how it fails during aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

BRUCE LIEBERMAN (moderator) – Freelance science writer. Bruce has more than 20 years of experience in the news business. He worked as a reporter at daily newspapers for many years before becoming an independent writer and editor in 2010.

WHEN: Nov. 6 (Wednesday), 12:30-1 pm PST
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