Episode 7 – The Brain Mechanisms Involved in Drug Addiction

In this episode of, we discuss with Dr. Anteonello Bonci, scientific director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about the effects that drug abuse has on the brain.

Participants from left to right: Jean-Francois Gariépy, Antonello Bonci and Diana L. Xie. Joining us on the phone, Marguerite Matthews. View it on YouTube.

“0:17” Introduction
“1:19” Does drug abuse modify the brain?
“8:04” Synapses: the site of action for drugs.
“10:16” Do drugs kill brain cells?
“16:01” Reward behaviors and the brain.
“24:28” Long-term potentiation, a mechanisms.
“35:32” What are the brain areas affected by drugs?
“40:06” A study looking at cocaine addiction in rats and how modification of activity in the prefrontal can improve behaviors.
“44:17” Optogenetics allow modifciation of activity in some population of neurons in the brain.
“56:00” Electrical and magnetic stimulation of the brain is considered as a potential therapeutic strategy for certain disorders.

Many thanks to our guests!

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