Episode 13 – Neuroscience in the courtroom and invasion of privacy, with Nita Farahany.

Nita Farahany, Professor of Law and Philosophy at Duke University is a leading scholar on the ethical implications of biosciences and emerging technologies. She joined us to discuss how neuroscience is currently being used in the courtroom. We also talked about potential issues brought by emerging technologies on the invasion of privacy for individuals.

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Nita Farahany

“0:15” Introduction
“1:26” Criminal defendants using neuroscientific evidence.
“6:12” How common is this kind of case?
“7:45” An example of a case.
“18:08” Are there errors of interpretation by the jury when using neuroscientific evidence in criminal cases?
“21:46” Relation between premeditation and criminal responsibility.
“26:02” Emerging technologies and the invasion of privacy.
“33:26” Does obtaining information on cognitive processes constitute a violation of privacy?
“39:59” Lie detection.
“45:58” The distinction between content and non-content information in privacy law.

Guests on the episode: Nita Farahany, Diana L. Xie, Steven Miller, Jean-François Gariépy.

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