15 – The Evolution and Function of Mind-wandering and Metacognition

In this episode, Micah Allen, postdoctoral researcher at the University College London, discusses the evolution and function of cognition and metacognition.

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“0:07” Introduction
“0:50” What is cognition?
“4:45” Metacognition and its relation to confidence.
“10:49” What is the difference between cognition and metacognition?
“14:07” Confidence in our memories; does it qualify as metacognition?
“18:34” Technical challenges in studying mind-wandering scientifically and related brain areas.
“25:00” Overlap between the brain regions involved in social interactions and those known as the default-mode network.
“29:17” Why does cognition evolve?
“35:51” Task-unrelated thoughts and errors in performance.
“50:53” Tricks to focus on tasks while allowing some amount of mind-wandering.

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