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Dr. Bandrowski trained as a neurophysiologist at UCR and Stanford, however moved to bioinformatics with the human genome project at Celera Inc., seeing that high throughput science has much to teach biologists. Currently working at the center of research in biological systems at UCSD, Dr. Bandrowski advocates for and builds systems that attempt to make sense of the vast information being produced by biologists.

Do you know what you don’t know? A gap analysis of Neuroscience Data.

My thesis adviser, a colorful spirit and one whose wisdom will be missed, used to say that undergraduate or professional students differed from graduate students in that they were asked to learn what was known about a subject, while graduate students were asked to tackle the unknown.

We, in higher education, are essentially seeking to find out what is not known and start to come up with new answers. How does one find out what is not known? In fact, is it possible to do that? Don’t most graduate students or post doctoral fellows add onto a lab’s existing body of knowledge? Adding to the unknown by building on the known? If this is how we work then does this create a very skewed version of the brain? How would we even know what is really unknown?

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A martyr for open access scientific publishing?

This is not a blog post that I ever imagined writing.

Likely many of you have heard that there has been a tragedy in that on January 11, 2013 a very talented young computer programmer and activist, Aaron Swartz, took his own life in New York city. The young man, was one of the bright starts of the computer generation, added significantly to Reddit and the RSS specification among other work (started contributing at age 14!).

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What is the Cerebral Cortex?

This may seem a silly question, but lets see if you are more like a fifth grader or more like me. It appears that a fifth grade class I recently interacted with can answer a question that I am having a lot of trouble with. They rattle off “the outside part of the brain”. True enough.
They can point to it, its the part that is “squiggly”. True enough.
“It is the part that thinks”. Ok, we can go with that answer.

So why are these fifth graders smarter than I am? No pun intended.

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Free and open text books? No, we really mean it this time.

It would have been easy to miss an important news story as it happened shortly before the SFN meeting: Gov. Brown (California) signed into law a program that will create 50 lower division text books and a new type library that will house them.

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