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As a kid, Jason Snyder spent 20 hours per week in a swimming pool trying to build a body that would get him to the Olympics. He then did a degree in physiology to understand why he never made it to the Olympics. It’s not clear that this question was ever answered but, in any case, Jason got a taste of neuroscience in his third year and never looked back. He has since spent his time investigating the function of new neurons that are born in the adult brain. Jason enjoys open, online discussions of how the brain works and is excited to be a part of this process at both BrainFacts.org and his new lab at the University of British Columbia.

The New Neuron Connectome

You know what’s nuts? That we still don’t know the basics. Forget patch clamping thousands of neurons in vivo during awake behaviour. Simultaneously. In humans. In outer space. I just want to know exactly which other neurons my neuron is talking to. Not even. Which neurons is my neuron touching, intimately, in a putative synaptic contact sort of way? WHICH NEURONS MY NEURON DONE BEEN TOUCHING, YA DIG?? Continue reading

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