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About Leanne Boucher

Leanne Boucher is passionate about communicating scientific thought to the public. An assistant professor of psychology at Nova Southeastern University, she actively engages the local community about brain science through Brain Awareness Week activities and library and museum programs. She also organized the first TEDxNSU event in 2012, a night featuring lectures, exhibits, art, and dance centered on the theme, The Inspiring Brain.

Leanne received her B.A. in psychology from Brandeis University, her PhD in experimental psychology from Dartmouth College, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University. She enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, and playing with brains.

Happy Brain Awareness Week!

March 11 – 17, 2013 marks the 17th year for this annual week that promotes awareness and appreciation of brain research, founded and coordinated by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and European Dana Alliance for the Brain.

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You never forget your first time

I was nervous, not knowing what to expect. I walked into the room, inhaled deeply and got a bit dizzy. The lighting was harsh and bright, but I was thankful because I wanted to see it all. I moved toward the table where I would be doing it. The table was stainless steel, sterile, and cold. And there at one end was the object of my affection: a human brain.

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The Pregnant Homunculus

One of the hazards associated with being a neuroscientist is that propecia you see the world through neural-colored glasses: everything relates back to brain functioning in some way or another. I suppose this can probably be said about clomid online any number of professions, and I may be biased, but I think neuro-geeks (myself included) have a particularly interesting view of the world. Let me give you an example. Continue reading

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Yes, I’ll have some dessert

It’s a special occasion. You get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant.

The lights are dim, there are candles on the tables, bold sculptures and beautiful artwork are on the walls, and lush green plants and trees are tastefully placed around the intimate restaurant.
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