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Steven Miller is a Ph.D. candidate at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. Steven’s research focuses on identifying treatments against seizures induced by the chemical weapons known as nerve agents. He is interested in the electrophysiology of the brain, seizure disorders, and psychiatric disorders.

Even when out with his friends, Steven loves to talk science and has a huge passion for research. He shares exciting science news through his twitter account (@NeuroscienceDC) and loves to talk about new publications and science education tools on his blog. Steven is thrilled to join the blogging team at and cannot wait to engage with readers about neuroscience!

3D Printed Brain Saves A Life

We are constantly hearing about 3D printing in the media. Whether people are making 3D-printed cars, guns, or even organs, this technology is becoming wild with the thousands of different applications. My new favorite: a 3D printed brain. Continue reading

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Hope for the 1%ers

The rich are not the only 1%ers. About 1% of the world has epilepsy. Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disease in the world and unfortunately, up to one-third of these patients are resistant to the current anti-epileptic medications. For these patients, there is little recourse. Continue reading

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The best time for your coffee

Ever wonder what the best time is to drink your coffee? You probably know it is not a good idea to drink part of your daily dose of caffeine in the afternoon. Especially for those who have problems sleeping. But, do you ever drink your coffee and feel like it just didn’t work? I know I have that feeling sometimes. The explanation for this has to with a concept that I think is extremely interesting but rarely discussed: chronopharmacology.

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Brains are made of plastic

Brains are made of plastic. Seems like a ridiculous claim. The brain is not made of plastic. Or, is it? In neuroscience we often refer to the brain as being plastic, but, what is plastic? The definition that most of us are familiar with is the material known as plastic. Continue reading

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A Conscious Dying Brain?

Following a car accident, a heart attack, or any other life-threatening event, there have been many instances documented where people that were near death, experienced something vivid, something that to them was real. Something that not only felt real, but for some, maybe even changed their lives. This might have been an interaction with deceased family members, a god they believe in, or something else. Continue reading

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Chemical Warfare’s Attack on the Brain

As a new blogger with the team, I would like to introduce myself and my unique perspective in the field of neuroscience. My name is Steven Miller, and I am a civilian Ph.D. candidate in the neuroscience program at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. My research may not be what you expect when you hear ‘neuroscience’. I work on developing treatments against the chemical weapons known as nerve agents. Continue reading

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