To Kill a Crying Baby

Squeezing her hand over the toddler’s nose and mouth she smothered him to death because he would not stop crying.  Last Monday 22-year-old Jessica Fraraccio pleaded guilty in court to felony murder of 23-month-old Elijah Nealey in the summer of 2012.  No one in their right mind could conceive of committing such a horrible act, but babies are tragically killed or left severely brain damaged by shaken baby syndrome inflicted by a parent, family member, or caretaker frustrated by a child’s incessant crying. Dismissing those with depraved minds, how can we comprehend such sad stories as this one in the Washington Post?

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Discussion Tuesday, Sept. 17th on how babies learn sounds first encountered in the womb!

This discussion should be very interesting, don’t miss it! The hangout will be at Noon-12:30 pm (Pacific Time) on Tuesday September 17. Continue reading

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Parental Hormones and the Royal Highnesses

Here in the UK, it is royal baby mania, which makes me as a neuroscientist think about how parental behavior is controlled by the brain. While Duchess Kate is getting a lot of attention for her post-baby style choices and is obviously delighted with HRH Prince George Alexander Louis, she is also undergoing an array of neural and behavioral changes to help take care of the little prince.

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The Pregnant Homunculus

One of the hazards associated with being a neuroscientist is that propecia you see the world through neural-colored glasses: everything relates back to brain functioning in some way or another. I suppose this can probably be said about clomid online any number of professions, and I may be biased, but I think neuro-geeks (myself included) have a particularly interesting view of the world. Let me give you an example. Continue reading

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