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Research Experiences for Undergraduate Students

In a previous blog post, I described programs available to high school students who wanted to experience life in a neuroscience research laboratory. Research opportunities also exist pharmacy online for college undergraduate students but they are sometimes difficult to find.

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Free and open text books? No, we really mean it this time.

It would have been easy to miss an important news story as it happened shortly before the SFN meeting: Gov. Brown (California) signed into law a program that will create 50 lower division text books and a new type library that will house them.

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Research Experiences for High School Students

The public craves information about neuroscience.  It is difficult to read a newspaper or popular magazine without reading about brain research.  Many students, even those not yet in college, also have an interest in neuroscience.   Although reading books, magazines, journal articles and web sites can provide the background about scientific discovery, there is nothing like working in a lab to really experience science.

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Big Head, Dark Heart: The Notorious Brain of Edward H. Rulloff

Sometimes bigger really is better – but does the size of the brain, or brain bumps, mean what we think? When it comes to complex brain functions, it’s good to remember the old saying: “the map is not the territory”.

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