Map the Brain–Not Just Neurons

In any major mapping expedition shouldn’t the first priority be to survey the uncharted regions?  In mapping the brain, that would be charting the neglected half–glia.

The Brain Mapping Initiative announced by President Barack Obama earlier this year seeks to map and monitor the function of neural connections in the entire brain of experimental animals, and eventually in the human cerebral cortex. Several researchers have raised doubts about the project, cautioning that mapping the brain is a far more complex endeavor than mapping the human genome, and its usefulness more uncertain. Continue reading

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Posted by Douglas Fields        Comment Episode 3 – Mind, Brain, Computations and Ion channels.

In this episode, we talk about neural simulation, the relation between the mind and the brain, ion channels that make neurons excitable and neuroscience research in fly larvae. Participants are Erin McKiernan, Jean-François Gariépy, John Kubie, Leanne Boucher and Steven Miller. Continue reading

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Will We Ever Understand the Mind?

Beyond the Brain, David Brooks’ op ed in today’s NY Times (June 18), argues that Neuroscience will never explain everything. According to Brooks

The brain is not the mind. It is probably impossible to look at a map of brain activity and predict or even understand the emotions, reactions, hopes and desires of the mind.

While his conclusion may, or may not, be correct, his argument is flawed from top to bottom.

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PET imaging

Brainy stuff of the month.

I thought I would share some of the interesting stuff I read this month on the web. Continue reading

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A Manhattan Project to Map the Brain?

When anyone wants to support science, I’m in. These are trying times, when the scientific enterprise is facing severe cuts as budget sequestration looms, creating even more uncertainty and angst among research institutions – not to mention young scientists who might be questioning whether they want to enter a career with such a high level of risk. Continue reading

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Big Head, Dark Heart: The Notorious Brain of Edward H. Rulloff

Sometimes bigger really is better – but does the size of the brain, or brain bumps, mean what we think? When it comes to complex brain functions, it’s good to remember the old saying: “the map is not the territory”.

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