Episode 6 – The Evolution of the Primate Cortex. starts the season with an amazing discussion with Katherine L. Bryant about the visual cortex in primates and the anatomical differences found between the brains of different primates. Continue reading

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What is this thing called “Love”?

Romantic love is both psychological and physical. Although a complex conscious emotion, love has strong biological foundations.  The study of love, as with much of Neuroscience, crosses boundaries. Lucy Brown and Helen Fischer use both psychological and biological approaches to gain insights into the mystery of “love” and share their insights on the website The Anatomy of LoveContinue reading

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Perception and Imagination: a Neuroscientist’s Perspective

When you look at the image of the apple on your computer monitor, an apple exists in two places: as a picture on your monitor and as an activation pattern in your brain. If you close your eyes and imagine an apple, an apple exists, but only in one place — in your brain. Continue reading

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Seven Big Brain Stories of 2013

What were the biggest neuroscience stories of 2013? It may be years before we gain the perspective to know for sure. But here’s a list of top contenders, and one of dubious value.

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Depression Lies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

At least that’s what the marketing is telling you. I’m not going to go all bah-humbug on you, but I think it’s important to acknowledge that not all people find the November-December holiday season as happy and merry as songs and nostalgic movies lead us to believe. After all, ‘tis the season for depression. Continue reading

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Ladies out of Luck: FDA Blocks “Female Viagra”

Guys who need it have Viagra; Ladies with the similar needs have nothing now that the FDA has denied approval of a new drug, flibanserin, which would treat sexual dysfunction in women. What’s interesting from a neuroscience perspective is how the drug works.  What’s interesting from a social perspective is how difficult it is to address this medical concern in women pharmacologically. Continue reading

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Wipe Out Fearful Memories

I’ll never forget it.  They strapped electrodes to my wrist, cranked up a black dial on a frightening electronic device encrusted with switches and knobs, and shocked me repeatedly with jolts of electricity.  Continue reading

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